Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Marc and I are finally going to bless our baby boy. We are thinking either in June or July and we would love to have as many people there as possible. This means that everybody needs to let me know if there is a week they can't come or a week they would prefer. You can either call me or Marc or mom and dad and we will let you know what day we end up deciding. Also Marc has been called to be the venture crew leader and was set apart on sunday. I was called to be the Activity Days assistant and will get set apart next sundy. We have a lot of fun things going on lately so I will try to keep you posted.


  1. Oh thats so great! Those will be fun callings! Let us know what date for the blessing and we'll be there!

  2. Have you set a for sure date yet? We are looking forward to being there. Can't wait to see your little guy.