Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am doing better about getting on the blog and keeping people updated.
Marc has been playing on a softball team this year. They are doing
pretty good they have won all 3 games they have played. The problem though
is that Marc hasn't played in a few years so he is getting hurt trying to get his
body used to it again. The first game he played he rolled his ankle. The second
game he played he hurt his thigh because he got tripped. I think it's feeling
a little better but you really can't tell with him. He doesn't have a game this
next week so hopefully he will get feeling better. Drage is getting so big lately.
We have him sitting up in his little chair and he loves it. He has started making
fun noises and laughs all the time now. Dad has started giving him food
weather mom likes it or not. This weekend Drage and I are going to take a trip
to Utah to see grandma and grandpa. Marc has to stay home to help the
boyscouts with their fundraiser so it will give them some good quality time
with Drage. I just got a new camera so hopefully we will have some fun pictures.

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  1. Wow, Drage is getting so big. He is such a cutie. It sounds like you guys are staying busy. Love the pics!